our mission

Mindsport Consulting Ltd’s aim is to help individuals, teams and businesses maximise their potential and enhance wellbeing by providing elite level mental strength services at an affordable price

who we are

managing director Robert Dawson holds a BSc combined honours degree in Psychology and Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Exeter in Devon, South West England. Robert graduated in the summer of 2011 and since then has been developing Mindsport Consulting Ltd. with ten years experience of retail, hospitality and business management, on top of four years of applied mental strength coaching with athletes ranging from AMATEUR level to world champions.

what we do

Mindsport Consulting Ltd works with individuals or teams to design and deliver bespoke programmes in order to enhance mental strength in order to achieve their potential and enhance their wellbeing. we HELP our CLIENTS TO IDENTIFY THEIR AIMS AND EDUCATE them ON TECHNIQUES TO HELP ACHIEVE THESE GOALS. our techniques are influenced by a variety of psychological perspectives and practices from neuroscience, social psychology, cognitive psychology, positive psychology and forms of sports science relating to psychological and behavioural factors that influence performance.