Alex Reid

I was lucky to find and meet Robert at Mindsport who has helped in the twilight years of my career as a very competitive career martial artist. Robert showed me so much, which has undoubtedly shaped my whole existence.

Robert at Mindsport showed and taught me real world accessible methods I could quickly and practically use to benefit not only my athletic performance, but also how I look and deal with everything in my life.

I particularly love Rob from Mindsport’s innovative encyclopaedic knowledge of all things to do with the mind, often telling stories through metaphor, allowing me to understand the greater picture, understanding what is actually needed right now.

Alex Enlund

Since I started working with Rob at Mindsport the level that I fight at has vastly changed. I do not mean opposition, but how my body performs.

Part of the reason I am a World Champion is down to the work I have done with Rob. My relationship with Rob has blossomed from business to personal I see him as a friend and someone I trust with my life

Danny Roberts

With the structured sessions with Mindsport I became more alert to my abilities and had trust in my skill, I grew within myself in my competition and found it helped me with other areas of my day to day life and seriously enjoyed working with Mindsport. Knowing that the fight was coming...I was so excited and couldn't wait to get in there

Now I am at the top level I plan on keeping my working relationship with the team at Mindsport and looking to solidify myself amongst the world’s elite athletes I need to cover all areas I also believe. The mind is the greatest weapon and I am safe

Francis Jones

Mr Rob Dawson has desire, determination and is passionate about Mindsport I have faith in him.

His methods are different and are delivered with enthusiasm and he constantly is knocking at your door be it e-mails, texts making sure you are carrying out what he has scripted for you. Excellent mind coach, nice person - very affordable prices.

Lanchana Green

I got in touch with Rob at Mindsport to build up my self-confidence again, to believe in myself and with his help I succeeded.

I put the work in and made the most out of everything he could offer me. As the sessions went on I was putting into practice what I was learning and seeing the benefits was addictive which pushed me even more to keep up with the work.

Mindsport helped with sport and personal issues and then with an injury, I am so glad I made that first call! I have since recommended him to friends and they only have positive feedback to give.

Luke Michael

I began working with Rob Dawson from Mindsport in early 2017, at the stage I was coming off back-to-back losses and I was in a position where I really needed to get my head back in the game.

Since working with Rob, I have felt massive improvement in my overall MMA game because of the superb mental-coaching I have received over the years

I am one fight away from becoming the EFC World Welterweight Champion and I can truly say that I would not have been here without the help of Mindsport and Rob Dawson who continues to play an imperative role on my journey to been the best

Shah Hussain

I used Mindsport pretty much towards the end of my MMA career being the person who never really believed in the sport psychology side of things. How wrong I was! I learnt so much of Rob in how important training the mind was in achieving peak levels in performance not just in the cage but also even in training.

Any athlete who is serious about their career should give Mindsport a go. I wish I had done so much earlier in my career

Perry Goodwin

One problem for me when I started fighting pro was pulling the trigger and not using all my tools that I have in the cage. For instance I like striking but I would get in there and just shoot in for the takedown but the first time I used Mindsport I got in there and walked away with a 15 second knockout and from that point I have always chosen to have Mindsport Consulting on my team.

We have come a long way together and Mindsport will always be a valuable member of team Predator

Marcin Zembala

I look at my fight career in two parts; before and after working with Mindsport. I was 2-5 before starting with Rob but more importantly, I was losing my fights before I even got into the cage.

Since working with Rob at and his mind set programs I went on to compete in IMMAF World Championships, turned pro and never felt like I felt during my first seven fights

I would highly recommend at least having a chat with Rob at Mindsport if you are serious about taking your performance into the next level

Martin Hudson

Mindsport has helped me no end in a number ways to make me good to fight, constantly keeping my head in the right space if it's the next day or the next few months Rob will constantly help push and keep you focused

Mindsport has helped me control my emotions in and out of competition, I use the knowledge and drills he has shown me on a daily basis. From small shows to big stages, Rob and Mindsport has been an enormous help

Christy Quigley

Cannot thank Rob at Mindsport enough for getting me mentally prepared for every fight and competition over this past year. Showed the importance of how the mental aspects of things is just as important to the physical side.

I can safely say that after every session, I could feel myself getting more confident within myself and for that, I am very grateful.

John Mitchell

The work I have done with Rob at Mindsport has been one of the most beneficial moves I have made to my MMA career. The training I have done with Rob has added an entirely new weapon to my skillset. It is obvious Rob takes a genuine interest in his athletes and tailored our training to my specific needs

I could not recommend Mindsport enough to anyone that wants to bring his or her game to the next level

Decky McAleenan

I have been working with Rob at Mindsport for years now from he’s got me through some tough times with bad injuries and kept my head straight he has helped me mature as a fighter inside the cage.

I am now in control of my emotions I know it is in me to fight but before working with Rob, I just went out to fight and see who the better tougher man is.

Now I am calm and relaxed when I need to be because we have built so many different techniques it is easy for me to be in complete control of my mind

Alan Philpott

Working with Mindsport was definitely one of the best choices I made to help my career

I find it hard to concentrate and focus at times but Rob at Mindsport keeps patient and works well to keep me on track.

Mindsport exercises and tasks are exactly what is needed to keep the mind sharper. They help you believe in yourself and fight with confidence and I have been enjoying what I do a lot more with added stress. Yes, I still get nervous but its good energy. When I feel jittery, I get excited now where before I used to try fighting it off and stressing out

I would highly recommend any athlete who wants to give himself or herself the best possible chance to get involved with Mindsport

Brad Wheeler

I have been working with Rob at Mindsport since 2014, from our first conversation up to my first fight working with him I was a completely different person.

If you had heard our first conversation we had, the doubts and worries I had about the fight, then to our conversation on fight week, where there was no doubts or worries just supreme confidence and it showed on the night putting on one of my best performances.

I have continued to work with Mindsport since 2014 and can say I have never been worried or concerned about an opponent since we started, my mind set and mental strength is on another level

Nathaniel Wood

I first started working with Rob at Mindsport in 2014 in the build up to a fight in London, I won by knock out within 10 seconds and we have worked together ever since.

Mindsport has made a huge difference in my approach to training and in competitions. I am feeling mentally stronger every fight camp thanks to Rob at Mindsport.

Indra Davies

I started working with Rob at Mindsport a few weeks post ACL surgery. I tore my ACL just as I was kicking off my amateur MMA journey after years of competing in Jiu jitsu so to be told I will need to spend a year out doing rehab was heart breaking. Rob helped me with so much. He provided flexible structure to my week which helped me stay positive and motivated even during the crappy days

The tools I learned from are still part of my every day. I’m back training now and l can’t wait to work with him again when I finally get to start competing again after injury

I would highly recommend Mindsport to anyone looking for the right support to bring out the absolute best in yourself

Darren O Gorman

I have been working with Rob Dawson at Mindsport for just over 2 years now. Since we have begun working together I believe my mental strength in and out of fight camp has improved leaps and bounds.

From helping me find a greater belief within myself to learning to embrace feelings like fear and nerves in comparison to burying those thoughts in the back of my mind. I have been a far more confident fighter entering the cage every time.

The program he has set on the build up to each fight has had me very in tune with my belief and ability going in there.

I have enjoyed each fight camp more and more since beginning, now enjoying the parts where I would have been a lot more nervous previously to that I rate Rob and Mindsport very highly and would recommend him to athletes in any sport.

Martin Og

Having competed for several years in Amateur Boxing and wishing to bring my sporting performance to the next level I recognised that my training was missing something. It had been focussed purely on the physical aspect and I had been paying scant attention to the mental side of things. Having checked around, Rob of Mindsport was recommended to me as somebody who delivered results and also did not charge an arm and a leg

I made contact with Rob at Mindsport and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Rob took a real interest in me, tailored his programme to suit my needs and as a consequence my performance and results improved dramatically

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob at Mindsport, the skills and tools you learn are not only applicable to the fight game but can be equally be used in all aspects of your life

Adam Proctor

My time working with Rob at Mindsport was absolutely great. He helped me overcoming mental issues which allowed me to take a step towards the next level.

He would send me material daily which I found really beneficial and he kept me cool calm and collected come fight week with the exercises that he would send through to me

Callum Hall

I started working with Rob at Mindsport after years of illness and injury and in need of some serious work on my mental game right before a major. At the meet I demolished my personal best times and ever since Rob has helped me go from strength the strength!

I covered a lot in the short time I worked with Mindsport including: confidence, performance anxiety and pressure control

I can’t thank Rob at Mindsport enough for the help he has given me and I would recommend him to any athlete looking to make an improvement in their mental game

Bryony Tyrell

Mindsport first helped me when I was training for the biggest fight of my life, headlining at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, for the Cage Warriors Female Flyweight Title. This was a fight I took at five weeks’ notice, in a weight division I’d never fought in, in front of a hostile crowd. Needless to say it was the most daunting experience of my life! Rob helped me deal with the immense mental pressure that this fight brought

On many occasions during fight camp, that I questioned my capabilities, Mindsport kept my mind focused and always turned the negatives into positives. Rob was on hand to help right up until the moment I walked out into that arena packed with thousands of people wanting to see my head knocked off. I will never forget the thundering boos, I felt like a pantomime villain, but I marched in like a Spartan and fought my heart out

Kelly Edwards

When I started working with Mindsport, I was struggling with my confidence and nerves in competition. Rob has been paramount in helping me develop as a lifter and person. No matter what life throws at me, Rob has given me the skills to deal with it